Thought If The Day: You Control Your Day

          Have you gotten to the end of the day and thought to yourself “My day sucked”? Well, that day falls on you. The question is what does your ideal day look like? As people we usually let others dictate whether our day is good or not. Here are a few things to do to ensure you have a good day every day.

  1. Come up with a routine and execute that routine. Each morning I wake up at 5AM grab my copy of FCA’s “Coaching Bible” and read the devotion of the day. I then meditate on the scripture that I read and pray for my kids and family to have a safe, productive, good day. I then go to youtube and listen to the motivational video of the day. I write down some goals for the day, and then get it going. Whatever you do, come up with a routine you too will execute the majority of the days. NO MATTER WHAT EXECUTE DON’T MAKE EXCUSES. You have to be bigger than your excuses.
  2. Wake up on time. don’t hit the snooze button when that alarm goes off. You have to wake up on attack mode. Don’t open your eyes sorry that you did, and try to get a little more sleep. Wake up and get in the attack mode mindset.
  3. Figure out your priorities for the day.  Lastly, When you wake up, before you get out the bed, before you pick up your phone, before you check social media or text messages figure out your priorities and put them to the forefront of your head. A lot of time some of the reason we have a bad day is because we don’t have direction. Setting your priorities for the day gives you the focus needed to have a productive and great day.

          If you take some time to apply the 3 principles above you should never have a day that will be considered a bad one. Now, don’t get me wrong, just like the weather, it will rain. But just because it gets difficult, doesn’t mean that you are headed for a bad day. It means that you have to dig in and stay focused on the priorities and be great. I leave you with this. each day at the start ask yourself three questions

  1. How can I grow?
  2. What can I give?
  3. What can I celebrate?

Ya’ll have a GREAT DAY everyday for the rest of your life. And remember There is a Science to Being You!




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