The Bee Sides: Nothing Compares to You

There’s no good morning or a kiss on the cheek. When you wake up in the morning, before you can open your eyes good or place your hand on the window to check the weather outside, you grab and caress me. It went from I want you to I need you to I gotta have you. You caress me, you hold me tight. Sometimes you yell at me and get mad at me but you’re never violent towards me. You LOVE me and you take EXCELLENT care of me. I remember when you couldn’t get the feel of my sides, you made me better so you could caress me and hold me better. Your grip was better, it was amazing, you improved me and I thanked you! Together, we killed it.

I like to be the first thing you see in the morning. I love the smile I bring to your lips when you get home from work. Your love for me is unmatched. We spend hours together. You take care of me and I give you want you want. The bond we have… NOTHING can come between what we have. What we have formed together, it’s beyond real. When you need me, I PERFORM and give you the BEST that I have. No-one can take better care of me than you and for that, I am grateful.

Oh, to be the beloved Playstation controller.


“Nothing Compares 2 U” -Sinead O’Connor

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